Welcome to Global Egg Donors

Global Egg Donors was born to simplify the difficult path to pregnancy that occurs for many. By going abroad for fertility treatments you can reduce time, hassle and the high costs incurred at home. World wide options provide a vast choice of donors from all ethnic backgrounds, and our selected clinics are in beautiful areas where your relaxation increases success rates.

You can choose your donor with confidence that Global Egg Donors will coordinate all the logistical details. Our comprehensive program includes interviewing, matching; and the coordination of all clinical and psychological screening, legal documents, medical and financial services.

Our Team has the highest of ethical standards and provides both intended parents and donors with prompt, individualized and compassionate service.

Global Egg Donors is the least expensive donor program in the world, where you can select your donor from her detailed information and adult photographs.

"The financial and emotional stress of infertility ended my marriage. I wandered the globe to discover what was next. What I found was low cost fertility treatments, minimal stress, excellent medical care, and diverse egg donors in spectacular, first world destinations. My journey can assist you in traveling yours."

- Robin Newman, founder of Global Egg Donors

Our benefits include:

  • Comprehensive information about your Donor including pictures, medical, education, and genetic history.
  • Free online donor database.
  • A Cost Calculator to discover all the costs including flights, clinic choice and our administration fees, in your currency.
  • No waiting time for donors; you could be pregnant 3 months from today.
  • The option of having indirect contact with your donor, or remaining completely anonymous.
  • Over 11 years of experience, 420 babies, and 220 exceptional donors.
  • Our ethnically diverse donors come from 18 countries, and we work closely with clinics in six countries and surrogacy options are available in three.

"Dear Donor,

The pain and anguish caused by infertility ranks second only to cancer. We know how true this is having experienced both firsthand. Your gift of life is more precious than any other. We hope that your special qualities will be passed onto our child that we will raise to the best of our abilities."

- Egg Recipient

Intended Parent

Meet intelligent, healthy women of all races, that want to donate their eggs. They are 20-30, educated and mature, of many ethnic backgrounds, in excellent health and may have donated before or given birth. Please contact us to learn more about them. We recommend excellent fertility clinics with skilled doctors and affordable prices for egg donation.

Egg Donor

All races of women are needed to donate eggs. Donating is a Gift of Life, and can also change your life for the better. Read the personal stories of many Global Egg Donors. Find answers to your questions. Send us an initial application today, or contact us with any questions.


We recommend clinics in Barbados, India, Greece, USA, Canada and South Africa. For travel we can recommend accommodation and flights to meet your budget and personal needs. There are many fascinating tours and medical savings to make this a trip worth taking for many reasons.

About Us

Meet the founder of Global Egg Donors, Robin Newman. Read about her personal struggle with infertility. Hear what clients, doctors and donors are saying about the "invaluable, quick, personal, empathetic service from Global Egg Donors ". Please contact us for any further information you may need.